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LateBindingApi.Excel – the easiest way to use Excel in .NET                                        Choose german language

LateBindingApi.Excel is a Framework developed in C# to use Microsoft Excel from a managed .NET Environment.
It works with any Microsoft Excel versions, means version independent. 

Note: LateBindingApi.Excel are not developed any longer.
It was replaced by :
NetOffice a version independent wrapper for ms-office(includes excel).
NetOffice includes many Improvements based on LateBindingApi.Excel experience.
At this time a big thanks to all project employees, tester, bug reporter and follower.


  • version independent Excel integration
  • easy to understand, its the same syntax like early bind, use your existing code
  • smaller and more readable code, automatic managed COM Proxies, no memory leaks 
  • no deployment trouble, not necessary to register
  • no dependencies (but excel of course), works with any .Net version
  • real objects with IntelliSense support
  • complete event support
  • special workarround to use Variant and Object from VBA
  • fast, easy and version independent COMAddin development possible



Download 1.) .NET Office Developer Guide (PDF) (only in german currently)
Download 2.) Release 0.9 + Examples Tutorials Documentation (RAR Archiv)



COMAddinExample Version-Independent COMAddin with Ribbon UI
Example01 Background Colors and Borders
Example02 Font Attributes and Alignment
Example03 Numberformats
Example04 Shapes, WordArts, Pictures, 3D-Effects
Example05 Charts
Example06 Dialogs in Excel
Example07 Add VBA Code to a Workbook
Example08 Events
Example09 Custom Gui Elements in previous Excel Versions and recieve events
Example10 Sample Report using various typical Excel Features



Tutorial01   COMProxy Management
Tutorial02 COMVariant und COMObject
Tutorial03   Invoker



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